R & D

Projects with and without public funding create important foundations for practical innovations and lead directly to new products, technologies or processes. In this section, promising projects for flat knitting and warp knitting are presented.

Raschel machine brings smart textile projects forward
Inauguration of an MJ 52/1-S from KARL MAYER for processing electrically conductive yarns at Grabher GROUP
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Customised, cost-effective implant solutions
Personalised patient textile implants produced in single batch sizes
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Using textiles and pipettes for new organs
Warp knitted spacer fabrics as the base structure for 3-dimensional cell culture
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Greater energy efficiency in greenhouse growing
Developing a thermal blind for greenhouses made of warp-knitted spacer fabrics
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Interested in Market trends?

From the machine to the printing table
Highly-productive mass production process for tailor-made products thanks to KARL MAYER’s new 3D printing system
Sunny business prospects in Africa?
Sales of knitting and flat knitting machines in Africa - how this can work with partners
AW 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection of Sensitive® Fabrics by EUROJERSEY