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Demographic changes and an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle in the Western world are leading to steadily rising numbers of patients with diseases of the heart and vascular system. There is also an increasing number of patients for whom standardised treatment products are not an option given their individual anatomy or physiology. Around 40% of the approximately 21,000 endovascular treatments carried out in Germany each year to treat aortic aneurysms – pathological dilations of the aorta – must be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is indispensable for medicine to be individualised to provide the necessary patient-oriented care. 1

Customised implants are one such component. The special medical devices are precisely tailored to the patient’s specific anatomy and are produced in single batch sizes on the basis of a medical image data set. As such, this method ensures that the vital outlets of the aorta are supplied. While individualisation is technically possible, it must also be economically viable. It must be possible to manufacture the products economically and in single batch sizes.

This challenge can be met with innovative textile manufacturing processes, especially with jacquard warp knitting technology. Jacquard warp knitting technology offers enormous potential, especially for the production of textile implants, yet this potential currently remains largely untapped. Above all, there is a lack of experience surrounding the correlations between the warp knitting process, and a lack of design tools to adequately describe such correlations.

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