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Compact best-practice show on the subject of sustainability by the KARL MAYER GROUP at ITMA, 08 - 14.06.2023, Fiera Milano, Hall 4 B119 Learn more
Published on: 02.06.2023

For the KARL MAYER GROUP, sustainability is an overarching strategic theme and the focus of its exhibition at the upcoming ITMA. In a compact sustainability gallery, it will be presenting examples of best practice from all its Business Units.

For the warp knitting sector, it is shown how effectively targeted textile-to-textile recycling minimizes the ecological impact of the textile value chain.

Under the motto "Rethink.Recycle.Reuse - Close the loop", a swimsuit was completely recycled after use, i.e. collected, shredded, spun out into yarn via polymer chips, and reprocessed on a KARL MAYER machine into a fabric for swimwear. The global player collaborated with The LYCRA Company and Decathlon on the project.

The flat knitting sector will be presenting lightweight supple all-rounder T-shirts that convince with a minimized CO2 footprint.

Front and back parts were created on an innovative, newly developed STOLL machine in the highest possible gauge. The newcomer processed bio-based material for all T-shirts and also produced prefabricated goods that can be assembled into the final product with little effort and waste. In addition to STOLL, the Lenzing Group, Südwollgroup and Gebr. Otto Baumwollfeinzwirnerei GmbH + Co. KG were also involved in the project.

Another contribution to the topic of low-waste production is a suit knitted almost entirely in one piece, which was also produced on a STOLL machine. The flat knitting machines from STOLL are predestined for 3D shaping without seams. Analogous to the 3D printing process, the additive method creates fabrics in the desired shape directly on the machine. In addition to more sustainability, the suit offers the look of conventional woven counterparts and the typical comfort stretch of knitted fabrics. It was created in collaboration between The Woolmark Company, Südwollgroup, Hugo Boss AG and STOLL.

An innovation from the warp preparation sector has focused on the indigo yarn dyeing process with its classically high loads of chemicals and high water consumption. The nitrogen-based dyeing technology BLUEDYE minimizes the immense quantities used. The need for hydrosulfite and caustic soda - the main environmental pollutants of the process - can be more than halved, and the amount of water required can also be significantly reduced. In addition, less yarn waste is produced. BLUEDYE thus scores equally in terms of environmental protection and costs. Operating costs can be reduced by up to 20 %.

NOX-reactor of BLUEDYE

The BLUEDYE on the stand is the first machine in the KARL MAYER GROUP's new BLUELINE category. The innovative industry leader is committed to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly textile industry. From now on, it will list all its machines and solutions that make a demonstrable contribution to sustainability under the BLUELINE category.

From the field of technical textiles, a completely new solution for the vertical greening of cities will be presented. The core of the innovation is a net produced on warp knitting machines with weft insertion by KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH.

The warp knitted grid structure is made of flax.

The net structure is used as a climbing aid for fast-growing plants, and after the greening phase, in the fall, can be recycled together with the plants as biomass in pyrolysis systems to produce electricity and activated carbon. In summer, the planted sails lower the ambient temperature through evaporation effects. In addition, photosynthesis produces fresh air and CO2 is captured. Other important advantages are low soil requirements and flexible placement in public spaces.

In addition to the focused performance show, the topic of sustainability is present at almost all other stations - whether for machines, textile developments, digital solutions or support offerings.


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