New jacquard curtains to make you feel at home

Jacquard curtain nets made on KARL MAYER machines are now even more versatile and efficient to produce Learn more
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KARL MAYER is bringing a breath of fresh air to window decoration with a collection of new jacquard curtains. The trendy creations were launched at ITM 2022 in Istanbul and came just at the right time: coronavirus, the climate crisis, inflation and an uncertain global political situation are some of the many challenges of our time that reinforce our desire to retreat and seek security. Our own homes are gaining in importance, and so is the interior design. Curtains in particular can be used to emphasise individual styles and, especially on jacquard raschel machines from KARL MAYER, window fashion variations with a wide variety of looks can be produced. Coarse, handmade-looking structures are just as possible as delicate, filigree and light fabrics. Even more variety is achieved by further developing the machine technology in a targeted manner.

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