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"each other": the trends of MUNICH FABRIC START for Autumn.Winter 24/25 Learn more

From 18 to 20 July 2023, MUNICH FABRIC START invited fashion designers to early trend research. For the Autumn/Winter 2024/25 season, the important European fabric fair MFS were focusing on the importance of personal contact under the motto "each other". It is about exchange, being there for each other, listening attentively and looking closely – to take courage, to recognize and use one's own scope for action.

In the process of creative work, fashion should produce something beautiful and a contribution to our humanity. Contrasts play an important role: voluminous, warming fabrics with padding, quilting and fur effects, thick corduroy patterns, velour surfaces and laminations stand alongside extremely light, transparent textiles. Major themes are crochet looks in natural colours, brightly coloured fall-plate patterns, elegant velvet and lace.

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