Speed PLUS variety in elastane processing

KARL MAYER’s new HKS 2-SE PLUS opens up new application possibilities with its additional range of lapping options Learn more
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Simple, lightweight, plain fabrics with elasticity have become indispensable in the underwear and sportswear sector. KARL MAYER’s two-bar, high-performance tricot machines have long set the standard in terms of quality and productivity. The portfolio of the established machines has so far included the HKS 2-SE – a high-speed model designed exclusively for the production of elastic articles using locknit and double tricot lapping – and the HKS 2-S, which offers greater flexibility in terms of yarns and lapping options, with lower production speeds. The manufacturing repertoire also includes qualities with two-needle-overlap, and non-elastic fabrics such as embroidery grounds and tulle are also possible.

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