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KARL MAYER training at Camela in Wałbrzych in January 2023 Learn more

Fabryka Wkładów Odzieżowych Camela S.A. is one of the largest textile companies in Poland. It employs around 250 people, has its headquarters in Wałbrzych and has been manufacturing semi-technical textiles for over 70 years. The manufacturer's diverse textile products go mainly into the clothing, underwear, furniture, footwear, automotive, medical and advertising sectors. They are warp knitted, knitted or woven in-house. Camela also has a warp preparation unit for warp knitting, textile finishing and equipment for laminating and cutting ribbons. For its success, the company relies on machines from leading manufacturers and on qualified personnel. As recently as January 2023, employees from warp knitting department were trained by KARL MAYER's in Wałbrzych.

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